Melody & Chaney Paint Mines

This session, gosh I say they all are my favorite but this one was so fun. What you can't tell from these photos is that we are all soaking wet. While walking to this location we got totally down poured on while trying to run back to the car. Rain and all, this session was a dream. We decided to just go ahead and go for it since we drove an hour to get out here and Mel + Chaney gave me total heart eyes the entire time. They didn't care that they were drenched, they were so natural and just in love. It ended up raining again which gave us some amazing light and a double rainbow! I love clients who are willing to get a little messy to create amazing photos!

Kristin & Matt San Clemente Pier Engagements

When Kristin reached out to me to shoot her wedding I was so excited. She was the maid of honor at one of my favorite weddings last year and her wedding will be in Chicago. So what a great excuse to get to see family and take some gorgeous photos. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to squeeze in her engagement session before her fiancé Matt deployed. But it just so happened I had a trip planned for California and with a little rescheduling we made it happen!  Kristin and Matt are the definition of FUN. We had a blast together laughing and almost getting taken down by waves. I love the mountains but California is one of my favorite places to shoot. I'm so excited for their wedding because I know we are going to have the best time together and make some more magical photos like these ones above.

David + Shanda Rocky Mountain Elopement

David and Shanda eloped on gorgeous Autumn day in Estes Park, Colorado. Their ceremony was intimate, simple and romantic. They shared vows in front of their parents and sealed the deal with a kiss and being surrounded in prayer. It was a day full of joy and totally cried like baby. Theres nothing like getting to witness two people in love, pouring their heart out to one another. 

Moody Maternity Session: Colorado Springs

I think there is something insanely romantic about maternity sessions. A family of three, getting ready to welcome a new baby into the family. They're excited for the future but also soaking up every last moment as they are and enjoying all the snuggles and laughs with their first born. Arianna is one of those girls who just pulls off pregnancy. Like she could have a 100 babies and still look absolutely stunning. Her and her husband Nate are adorable, fun and easy going and then throw in baby charliee and they are just my dream clients and friends!! We were expecting snow and were given fog, but I think these photos couldn't have come out more dreamy!

A coffee shop date!

I just love everything about this session. When Amanda contacted me she said I just kind of want to capture what our Saturday mornings are like at home. We have coffee, and play with the girls. This is exactly what this session is, not really any poses, just lots of love, laughter and giggles! Last year wedding season was so busy for us that we missed out on some of these fun family sessions. So this year I'm so excited to make more time for sessions like this! Sessions that will make families smiles for years to come! 

I also was so excited because Amanda and I have followed each other on Instagram for quite some time and have had this fun online friendship and I was over the moon to get to meet her and her sweet family in person! We got to talk each others ears off and It made me wish so badly that they would move here! 

Alley & Landon's Bohemian Wedding in Kentucky

Hi Everyone! I wanted to create a new section on my website so I can share a few more photos of all my wonderful couples stories! This intimate wedding is so dear to me. Allie and Landon are two of the most kind people I've ever met. Allie is SO creative and made every single detail you see above and Landon is so calm and kind. They chose to get married in a family owned cabin in the woods of Kentucky. Their ceremony was incredibly romantic and very simple. They stood under a handmade teepee, shared their personal vows, kissed and lit a candle to seal the deal. They spent the rest of the evening in the company of their closest friends and family sharing stories and hanging out by the fire. At the very end of the night we walked down to the dock where they got engaged the year before to light a lantern. It was so dry that they only ended up lighten one in fear they were going to light the woods on fire. But it made for a fun story. It was such memorable day and I was so honored to get to capture it. 

Stay tuned for many more beautiful stories!